Get Roped In!

If our article on Suspension in NYC whetted your appetite and now you’ve got to attend the party this Sunday, you might want to brush up on your rope skills. While this book can’t teach you the ins and outs of rope suspension, you can definitely learn beautiful and deceptively simple harnesses, cuffs, bondage-based games, and more from the Two Knotty Boys! While you’re in picking up this easy-to-use book on rope bondage, might as well pick up some rope! We carry a fantastic Beginner’s Kit that includes two 10′ lengths and one 30′ length of high quality organic hemp rope and even set of EMT safety shears!

One of the first things talked about in ‘Back On The Ropes’ by Two Knotty Boys, a how-to rope bondage book, is that it is a sequel to ‘Showing You The Ropes’. They explain that although it is a sequel they repeated the basic information so that they would not be requiring the customers to purchase both books in order to do amazing things with rope. Which I thought was pretty darn spiffy of them. Obviously the second topic spoken of in this book was the issue of safety, which is very important to keep in mind when doing any sort of play so kudos to them!

The Two Knotty Boys are JD and Dan. Between the two of them, they have 30 years of experience in rope bondage. They met while at a bondage-modeling competition and noticed they had similar styles and philosophies about rope bondage although their backgrounds are quite different. JD’s interest in rope bondage stemmed from work as an industrial rigger and Dan’s came from his hobby as a climbing instructor. Ever since they came together as The Two Knotty Boys they have been performing live shows, rigging photo shoots and teaching bondage to workshops world wide.
I am a complete novice to rope bondage. I had a few difficulties when I started but that is because I didn’t think to look at the fully discriminated GLOSSARY in the back. Silly me. Once I did discover the glossary explaining things like a “bight” and “fistance” following the written instruction and photos were much easier! This book is very straight to the point, here’s how you tie knots, and doesn’t include any of the history behind rope bondage. So if you’re just looking for the know how to book this is it. They have 7 different sections in this book, 13 different knots, 13 different harnesses and really fun ways to make decorative additions to your daily attire. This book is good for anyone from novice with their ease of description and basic information, to pro with creative ways to use rope for bondage or decoration. I have been playing with rope for about a month now and I am very much looking forward to using every bit of information this book has to offer!
– Review by Sexploratorium Manager Paula

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