You “Light” Up My Life…

The Fleshlight is one of the most famous and best-selling sex toys for men currently on the market. Available in many different incarnations, the Fleshlight line has something to please any man! From different orifices to different interior textures and even different sizes and “novelty” styles, you (or your man) are sure to find something appealing! Our customers, reviewers, and staff say that the Fleshlight line brings all kinds of pleasure! A lot of people assume that toys like the FleshLight are only good for the solo man, but that’s just not true! Try a FleshLight with a partner for mutual masturbation satisfaction!

Various Orifices – The original FleshLight is available in four orifices: Lady (a vagina), Mouth, Butt, and Stealth (a non-specific opening that doesn’t look like a body part).

FleshLight Girls – Modeled after some of porn’s biggest household names (like Jesse Jane, Tera Patrick, Katsuni, Jenna Haze, and MORE!), these naughty ladies bring video fun right into your bedroom!

FleshJack – Designed for gay men by gay men, the FleshJack products feature porn stars (the FleshJack Boys)!

FleshLight Ice – Similar to the rest of the FleshLight line, except for one thing…the Ice is crystal clear! See all the hot action right through the toy!

FleshLight Vibro – A buzz-worthy version of the toy, the Vibro contains multiple bullet vibrators! Some guys just need a little vibration, and this provides it!

FleshLight Alien – Looking for something a little more unique? A little more…exotic? The Avatar-inspired Alien is out of this world! A xenophiliac’s dream, this toy has a really unique orifice and is made of beautiful pearly blue Cyberskin!

Sex In A Can – The same size as your favorite “Tall Boy”, these toys come in a variety of styles, including the Succu Dry we featured back in October! Their compact size makes them easier for some guys to store and use.

FleshLight Mounts – Mounts give users even MORE of an opportunity for a satisfying solo experience, with cushions that position a FleshLight and give the user something to grab onto and grind against. Our favorite? The Top Dog Mount, which is in stock RIGHT NOW!


And these are, really, just the tip (pun intended) of the iceberg! FleshLights are awesome, but maybe you don’t want to take our word for it. Well, here’s a review from one of our customers:

We all know that this is supposed to be the best masturbatory toy for guys, but why? My boyfriend agreed to “take one for the team” (riiight…). So, the Fleshlight is cyberskin and therefore a bit more difficult to clean (warm water, air dry, don’t let it touch metal, put a little corn starch on to dry if needed) and keep intact (don’t put it against other non-cyberskin toys! It melts!) It is meant to feel like a “real young woman’s vagina”. It comes in many shapes: vagina, ass, ass with a little vagina peeking out, mouth, coin slot or “stealth” and asshole. They all look somewhat realistic, and do, in fact, feel pretty amazing.

He said that the best thing about fleshlights as opposed to other
masturbation sleeves is that the hard plastic casing keeps the toy from
stretching out from use. It also means you can pump more vigorously and harder. It gets nice and slippery inside, but stays dry on the outside for easy gripping, and suctions the penis creating a nice tight fit for most males. Apparently it can get you off in two minutes or less if speed is what you’re going for, although apparently it’s a nice leisurely toy as well. I almost wish I had a penis and could try, but I like being a girl too much.

Regardless, the Fleshlight stands up to its status as one of the best
masturbation toys for men! You’ll get your money’s worth.

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