GAS! GAS! GAS! Israeli Gas Masks now in stock!

Did you check out our Positively Sexy video of the week, ‘Hurricane’? Shown in the video is that ever-present staple of fetish fashion and function, the gas mask! We’ve just received a big shipment of Israeli gas masks, both military-issue and civilian models. This review is from former Sexploratorium staffer Remi, who loves gas masks, especially this one!

Israeli M-15 (Military Issue) Gas Mask

Let’s kick this pig!

I was super excited when I realized that we had received a new batch of Israeli military issue gas masks.  Not just because I was enlisted, but because there’s just something completely surreal once it’s put on.  It’s as if the world changes and I feel that I’m not completely attached to everything around me.

The M-15 is a military-grade rubber that’s specially designed to protect against everything from biological to chemical weaponry.  What does that mean to you?  It means that once sealed, nothing on the outside gets in without passing through the filtration canister, or at least passing through the canister port located at the front of the mask.  There is an out-flow valve below the canister port and a voicemitter above the canister.  Also featured is a hydration port which can be linked to a canteen (or other container) via the attached tubing.  Finally, there are the obvious eye lenses, which just happen to be impact resistant.

Assembly is simple.  Unscrew the protective covering off of the back and pop off the protective plug on the front of the canister.  Screw and secure it into place and you’re ready to don this rubber darling.  If you want to add the hydration tube, open the port and push the connective side of the tubing into the mask and screw it in.  Now it’s fully assembled.

GAS GAS GAS!!!  Quick…let’s get this baby on!  Unless you’ve done this before, it can be a little tricky, but thanks to the US Army…I have a few tricks for you.  What you’re going to want to do is loosen all the straps (five of them) all the way and flip them forward and over the mask so that face part is unobstructed.  You’re going to want to pull any hair back from your forehead and away from your face.  Next, you’re going to push the mask tightly against your face so that it rests properly under your chin, against the bridge of your nose, and against your forehead.  Remember how I said to flip those straps forward?  Now grab them and flip it over the back of your head, still holding the mask, and tighten the straps, starting with the bottom two.  You’re almost done!  Now place your hand over the out-flow valve on the bottom and breathe out.  Then place your hand over the canister intake and attempt to inhale.  If you can’t inhale and you can’t hear any high-pitches noises (or air rushing noises) you’ve just sealed off your mask and you’re ready to rock.

Gas masks are excellent for evening fetish-wear, to club-wear and even some kinky play.  They go great with latex and rubber outfits, and add an extra sense of anonymity as well as some shock and awe value for those who love a show of force when donning their military gear.

But the highlight for this gas mask, for me, was definitely using it on my play partner, and then having it used on me a few days later.  Picture this, your favorite play-thing is tied to a chair.  His or her wrists are bound behind them in some hemp rope and their legs are lashed to their seat to keep them spread.  You’ve torn and cut away your victim’s clothing and all they have left is a gas mask covering

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