Sexploratorium’s “Positively Sexy Music Video” Award

Along the lines of a similarly-themed contest we are running at our sister store, Sexploratorium is gathering nominations for sex-positive music videos by your favorite celebs or even indie bands/musicians. We are seeking your nomination of music videos of any genre with an erotic theme that are HOT to look at but not disrespectful, sexist or homophobic (or just plain tired). If you have a favorite music video that you would like crowned with our title this year, fill out the form and nominate your song/artist.

We will feature nominees here on the blog each week, where you can comment and vote for your favorites. By the end of the year, we will choose (with your help) the Positively Sexy Music Video that takes the prize over all the rest.

Since this is the first year that we have attempted such a contest, we need your help! If you know of a music video that rocks a fun and sexy vibe, enter it below and we will have all of our readers view it and vote for/comment on!

Who knows, if we get a wide enough response we may do this annually with future videos by future artists!

Need inspiration? Here goes one of our staff favorites…

Prince – “Darling Nikki”

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