Sexploratorium Talks with Buck Angel!

Porn Pioneer Buck Angel is teaching two classes at the Sexploratorium this weekend, and although both are sold out, we know that you all wanted to hear from the man himself! Sexploratorium staffer Brooklyn sat down with Buck to talk about sex, porn (fluffers!), and MORE! Didn’t manage to get your ticket to the class? Tune in to Temple Student Radio’s LGBTQ show, Spin My Head, on Friday 5-7pm to hear an interview with Buck, recorded on site at the Sexploratorium! All you have to do is click on the “LISTEN” link at the top left!

How long have you been working in the adult industry, and how did it come about?

Well I have been working in the industry for more than 10 years. I started behind the scenes doing camera work and editing. I was partners with a Pro Domme and we had a studio in downtown Los Angeles. We would shoot her scenes and make fetish videos. I also worked with a Transsexual woman adult star, That is how I got the idea to start my own films and website, There was no one making FTM (transsexual female to male) porn for the mainstream adult industry.

What is your favorite part about your work as  an award-winning porn star?

I would say meeting so many great people and changing the way the world views sexuality and gender. I think my work has really opened peoples minds around what it means to be a man or woman and what it means to be gay, straight or bi. That labels are not necessary if you are happy with who you are. This has been such a rewarding part of my work.

You’ve appeared on shows like ‘Howard Stern’ and ‘Tyra Banks’, as well as answering questions from your fans online. Is it ever problematic to have your sex life and your sexuality be public knowledge?

No not at all. I knew what I was getting into when I decided to go “public” way back when. I actually enjoy being open and honest about myself. For so many years I was in hiding with this and it feels very freeing to be able to not care what people think of you. It is very powerful. If you watched my interview with Tyra Banks you can see how I made her uncomfortable when I asked her “Don’t you love your Vagina?” It was very strange how she reacted so negatively like she should not love her Vagina.

(We were unable to find the video on YouTube, but we did find it on a Queer blog and news site, Queerty. Check out Tyra’s reaction when asked how she feels about her vagina.)

Are there ever any questions or statements from the media that make you mad or uncomfortable?
Not really, I always expect the worst so I go prepared. I realized that what I am doing is teaching the world about something they have no idea about so I must expect that they will ask me questions that seem dumb or inappropriate.
What about from the public?
The thing is that I make people uncomfortable because my message is saying that we have all been taught something wrong. That sexuality and gender is not that simple. People do not like that. They want everything to fit in a box and it really doesn’t. So because of that they lash out at me in anger which makes them say mean things to me. A good example is my YouTube channel. Go check out the comments on my videos. It will shock you how crazy people get and the things they say. Just from me making some videos that open peoples minds.
Is there anything that happens on a porn set that most people wouldn’t expect, or that you didn’t expect when you first started out? In other words, how is filming a movie different from what people think? For example: “fluffers”…is that something that actually happens?
Hahaa! Totally. The filming process is so different then what people think, First the work that goes into casting and setting up location, camera all of that is pretty crazy. Then the actual shoot day can be pretty chaotic. Sometimes talent can get a bit nervous and not be able to perform. Which can cause the filming process to take much longer than expected. But besides all of that it can also be very fun and a great time, It really just depends on that day so really you never know. I have never used a “fluffer” though they do exist.
(From Wikipedia: A fluffer is a hired member of the crew of a pornographic movie whose role on the set is to sexually arouse the male participants prior to the filming of scenes that require erections. Fluffers do not necessarily touch the actors. Commonly, they keep adult film stars “cleaned up” in between takes so that the actors do not have to move from their positions. These duties are considered part of the makeup department. After setting up the desired angle, the director asks the actors to hold position and calls for the fluffer to “fluff” the actors for the shot.)

How is working as a porn star in general different from what people expect? How does it change the way your friends, family, or the public perceives you?
I have been very lucky in that all of my friends and family have been totally accepting of my career choice. Mostly I think because they see it as more than just “porn” but something that is helping to shape the way people look at different forms of sexuality and gender, That is is also a teaching tool and that my films have influenced so many people in a positive way. Also that I have crossed over from my porn work into education has really helped me to gain a different kind of respect.
Do you think that working in porn and sex education has changed your views on sex and relationships? If so, how? Is your sex life different now than it was before?
Possibly a little. But I think I have always had pretty good views about sex, That is why I started working in that industry. The educational part has really helped me to feel a need to spread a message of empowerment that I don’t think only my porn work has the capabilities of doing. There are people who will not take me serious if I am just a porn star. So educating has also made me look at my own self a bit more. Yes my sex life is way different than it was 10 years ago. That is because I have accepted my vagina. That was a huge part of sexual growth for me. It was like I became a whole new person. It opened up so many more sexual possibilities I never thought possible.
Your “Public Cervix Announcements” encourage trans folks to maintain their “plumbing”, but is there anything different that you do for your sexual health now that you didn’t do before you started porn, specifically? Is it true that there are mandated STI tests, and how does that work?

I have always been very good about my health around my transition. I felt it extremely necessary in order to make it work. When i started the transition it was 20 years ago and there was no information, So my doctors were all starting from scratch. They were amazing in the sense that they taught me about maintaining my health around the use of testosterone. Like blood tests and going to the gyno (which was very hard for me because I was so detached from my vagina at the time). The reason I made that specific PSA is because I know many trans men have the same problem of not feeling comfortable and also many of them do not have good health practices around the use of the testosterone. That is very bad and I think my voice can help to change that.

One of the great things about the adult industry is the testing. You are supposed to show up on set with a test, Some companies don’t enforce this of course but many do. I ONLY do safe sex in my films but I still like to see the test.  You basically have to get tested for any STDs. It is a great practice to have especially if you are not using condoms.
Do you think that being a trans porn star is different from being a cis gendered porn star?

Yes in the sense that I have a totally different fan base and the way people view my work. But I don’t think the job is any different.

Do you think that being a trans man in porn is different from being a trans woman?
Again totally different markets and the trans woman market is so big, There really is not a market for what I do, I don’t even think that it is a niche just yet.
The Sexploratorium carries a lot of products for trans men: binders, packers, and STP devices. What kinds of experiences have you had using any of these products? Are there some that you prefer to others, or tips you have for folks that want to use them but aren’t sure where to start?
I used to pack many years ago with a sock!! That’s before the packers came out. But then I accepted myself and never had the need for those things again. Not to say that they are great for guys who need that. Also when I needed to bind I used duct tape and a undershirt. I don’t use any of these products so I cannot recommend. I even taught myself how to stand and pee. I think the best bet for them is to go to forums and ask guys who do use them. Maybe you should start a forum on your site just for those products.
What other kinds of toys do you like? Any particular style of strap-on that you love? Any dildo or vibe companies that you can’t get enough of? Any lube that you have to have?
I am actually in the process of producing my own toy line as I have not been truly satisfied with what I have used. I have used the realistic cock by Doc Johnson for many years and it was fine , But it was missing something, So I finally found a great company to work with that will be producing my very own “Buck Angel Cock” specially designed for trans men and women. I am also producing an amazing line of glass toys that I showed at the last AVN show in vegas and everyone loved them. I really like Liquid Silk as a lube.
(Liquid Silk is probably our best-selling and most requested lube! Sexploratorium staffers and customers alike love this viscous and long-lasting water-based lubricant, as well as its organic equivalent Sliquid Organics Silk!)
What about kink? You’re a very sex-positive guy, and many of your photos have Leather imagery, so are you into BDSM? If so, are there any kinky toys or activities that you think are especially sexy?
Yes I am into the leather scene though it is not my only sexual outlet. I enjoy all kinds of sex play but I have always been drawn to the mens leather scene from early on. I love leather,cigars,boots. Very masculine areas of play. I also really love rough play.
Have you had a chance to check out Philly’s Queer or Leather scenes? How do you think the scenes here compare to other cities you’ve been to, like L.A. or NYC?
Actually sadly to say no I have not. It has been pretty busy while here doing business stuff and not a lot of time for play. But maybe before I leave I will get a chance to check the scene out. Though I did take a walk around the city and it is very beautiful.

Sexploratorium would like to thank Buck for coming to spread his sex-positive message to Philly! He’s been absolutely wonderful to work with, and we really look forward to his classes this weekend! Buck will also be bringing a nice selection of his videos with him, available for sale at the store!

“It’s not what’s between your legs that defines you!” – Buck Angel

Interested in booking Buck to speak at your event? Contact PhinLi BookingsPhinLi Bookings, LLC was founded by Seraphin and Lisa to bring sex-positive, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex and allied (LGBTQIA) artists, activists, theorists, authors, speakers, musicians, performers, sex educators, dancers, filmmakers, comedians and more to academic venues, pride celebrations, queer conferences and ultimately into the mainstream.

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