The Ties That Bind!

Looking to spice up your evening with your Valentine? Try something new and (dare we say it?) kinky in the bedroom tonight, perhaps? The Sexploratorium has all of the products, how-to books, and tips you’ll need to heat up your Valentine’s Day! From all-in-one kits to gorgeous designer pieces, we have the goods to satisfy all kinds of kinky Valentines, from beginners to experienced players!

Beautiful and unique toys are one of our specialties at the Sexploratorium. We’ve got pieces that you won’t see anywhere else!


Hera Cuff

One of our favorite designers makes beautiful pieces with lace and satin ruffles, beads, Swarovski crystals, embroidery, and MORE! They offer lots of options – sizes, colors, different closures (including locks). And if it’s not in stock, we can order the collar of your dreams! Even if we can’t get it for you today, we can help you can make Valentine’s Day last and last!

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Another designer that the Sexploratorium staff is madly in love with, Incoqnito, creates beautiful and discreet pieces to enhance your sex life. From beautiful vibrating nipple droplets to restraints that look like graceful bracelets and more, Incoqnito’s pieces make great last minute gifts for Valentine’s Day…or add beauty into any toy collection all year round! Most pieces are available in either genuine rose gold or sterling silver. The sleek knife necklace features hand-cut glass as the knifeblade, which is intended for sensation as opposed to cutting. The cuffs come with either brown or black leather and are connected by a delicate chain. The lash belt is one of the most unique pieces: a belt that turns into a small flogger, with a modern-looking handle that beautifully accessorizes a little black dress and adds some sophistication to your toy bag.


The Original Eternity Collar

Eternity collars are a striking way to lock up your lover for “keeps”. Though more for statement than for play, you can add O-rings to these beautiful pieces and clip a leash to them if you want to. But they’re gorgeous no matter where you wear them, and you can wear them almost anywhere because they’re discreet and classy! They look like sleek metal chokers instead of collars. Locked with a hex key, they don’t come off until the keyholder removes them. They’re available in several sizes and multiple finishes – Original (shiny steel), Raw (matte steel), Vivid (glittery steel), Fantasy (rainbow anodized), Phantom (black), and Gold. You can also order wrist and ankle cuffs for an even more subtle declaration of your love. BRAND NEW to our store, you’ve got to see them in person!



Titanium Locking Hephaistos Collar

Looking for something similar but a bit more high-end? Titanium is an amazing material – an element that is less dense (and therefore less heavy), corrosion-resistant, and has a beautiful lustre to it. It’s incredibly strong and durable, yet non-magnetic and won’t conduct electricity. You won’t set off metal detectors when you’re wearing titanium! What if you could get a collar that locks onto your love’s neck (or cuffs for their wrists), yet is lighter weight and doesn’t need to be removed to travel? Well, you can! And some of them (the Hephaistos collars currently in stock) are 50% off!

Hephaistos was a Greek god (the Romans called him Vulcan). The son of Zeus and Hera, Hephaistos was the patron god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artists, and other creators. He was said to have forged many of the items associated with the Gods of Olympus: Hermes’ winged helmet and sandals, the shield of Achilles, Aphrodite’s girdle, and many others. You and your lover can have a meaningful token of your feelings for one another that is inspired by this deity, and for 50% off!

Hope that your Valentine’s Day is memorable, wonderful, and full of love! We’re happy to help in any way we can! – The Sexploratorium staff

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