Celebrity Sex: Rihanna gets her kink on!

Sex in music videos– so what?
Gyrating half-nekkid women and profilin’ guys can be a turn off when you see too much of the same-old same-old. But every so often a sex-rebellion occurs on-camera with a kickin’ sound track, and recently Caribbean-born songstress Rihanna has burst-through the (sheet plastic) envelope in her recent depiction of fetish-sex as consensual, enticing, empowering and most importantly, sexy!

Rihanna’s new S&M video is a kaleidoscopic view of playful, fetishistic activities – with no disrespect. Gag-ruled reporters moving their strapped and stuffed pie-holes on cue while taking notes on reporting pads– Hot! Meanwhile Rihanna participates as both giver and receiver in various kinky scenes from shibari rigging and age-play to  puppy play (with Perez Hilton as the bonus puppy).

Seasoned BDSM players might guffaw at the masking-taped plastic wrap in the opening section, but even many  connoisseurs of kinkiness on staff here at Sexploratorium smiled from ear to ear while they watched this video.

We wanna party with Rihanna!

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