Have a Heart-On with your Valentine!

Have you been wanting to try out some of Liberator’s Bedroom Adventure Gear, but haven’t yet? Their sex furniture provides angles, inclines, and elevation that will take your sex life to new places. They make many positions more comfortable, especially for people with joint and flexibility issues, pregnant women, back pain, and other physical issues – as well as anyone else who just wants to take the strain out of sex. They also help your body to achieve positions that enhance pleasure, whether by accessing the G- (or P-) Spot more effectively or by allowing you to compensate for things like a difference in height between partners, a bed that’s not quite the right size, and more. Liberators are AMAZING! But some people are hesitant to try them out for a variety of reason – cost, size, and storage issues. Some people don’t try Liberators because they’re afraid to spend upwards of $100 on a product that they’ve never tried (even though they should!). Some because they feel like a lot of the pieces are too large or cumbersome. And some because they don’t have a place to store something like sex furniture – it’s not like handcuffs or a vibrator that can be put into a drawer somewhere where it can be hidden away. Well, have no fear! There is a Liberator product that solves all those problems, and is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The Liberator Heart Wedge

The Liberator Heart Wedge was my first Liberator product. I had held off for the same reasons I had listed above – cost, size, and storage. I had wanted one for a long time, but was scared to shell out the money for a bigger one until I was sure that it was something that was worth it. When we got the Heart Wedge, I couldn’t help myself – I had to try it! And I realized that Liberator really is everything it promises to be, and would totally be worth every penny!

The Heart Wedge is a heart-shaped wedge pillow covered in a soft and luxurious velvety material. The cover zips off for washing, as does another waterproof cover underneath. And underneath both covers is the foam of the Liberator itself, a supportive polyurethane orthopedic foam that isn’t as squishy as your average pillow. It’s…well…butt-sized, to be perfectly honest. At its longest point, the Heart Wedge is 13″, and at its widest it’s 19″. The incline reaches a height of 7″. And at just over one pound, the Wedge is lightweight.

So, how did it prove itself to me? By overcoming every reservation I had about Liberators and, frankly, giving me a brand new Liberator addiction. Firstly, it’s not a very big item, and thus easy to store, but what makes it even more discreet is the heart shape; you can just throw this adorable pillow on your bed and it looks like it belongs there with your cute little decorative pillows. Available in six colors, it’s sure to match anyone’s bedroom decor! I even discovered that it works great as a laptop cushion when I was lying in bed, believe it or not. So, yeah, I can use it as a sex toy…but I can use it for more than just that, and it’s not something that I need to hide away when I’m not using it for its intended purpose. The dual covers mean that it’s really easy to keep clean, since I can just toss the cover in the laundry with my sheets, so I never have to worry about stains.

The shape and size also make it incredibly functional as a toy – the heart shape is very accommodating to the rear. The crested top of the heart means that there’s a space to make the loveliest parts of the anatomy even more accessible. The height elevates the pelvis perfectly for direct G-Spot (or prostate) access, and does so in multiple positions. If you like a percussive G-Spot sensation and have had a tendency to stack pillows underneath your rear to help achieve that sensation, this cushion is perfect – you get the height you need without having to readjust sliding pillows all the time or having to put your behind on something that you’re going to put your face on later! It also makes anal penetration even better. Most people choose doggystyle for anal, which is effective, but some couples want face-to-face interaction. The Heart Wedge allows for that, elevating the pelvis and putting you or your partner’s anatomy in the right position for easy anal penetration while allowing you to see every expression of pleasure that crosses their face.

I found that the Heart Wedge was comfortable and supportive. I’ve got sort of bad hip joints, and my favorite position happens to be on my back with my pelvis elevated. As a result, I will often feel pain and strain in my hips. But I didn’t have that problem at all with the Heart Wedge. I could comfortably pull my legs back further than I had been able to in the past, meaning that my partner didn’t have to worry about hurting my hips as much. Doggystyle was also very comfortable because I was more able to comfortably hold a position, rather than having to stop my partner and adjust. The crest at the top of the heart also easily allowed me room for my hand so that I could use my vibrator during sex. We also found that the Heart Wedge was a great positioning toy for spanking. My body was in the perfect position to make my rear accessible for the best kind of spanking, one that hits the “sweet spots”. I would have to compare it to an over-the-knee position, which works really well for me and a lot of others! The pillow did slide around some because the soft velvety texture didn’t cling as well to my partner’s super-soft sheets as I thought it might. When I used it on my bed, however, I didn’t have that issue, probably because my sheets are either lower thread count or a “grippier” material. It’s also great to elevate the head or the pelvis for oral sex, depending on your needs. And don’t forget…it’s great for anal! Anything that can make ass play, that most mysterious of sexual practices for so many, an easier thing…well, that’s just amazing!

The best part? At under $60, the Heart Wedge is one of the least expensive Liberator products. You get all of those amazing features in a high quality toy, which makes it one of the best Liberators to get if you’ve never owned one or are on a budget!

The Heart Wedge is available in SIX sexy colors!

And y’know what goes really well with Liberator furniture, especially this discreet decorative pillow? The Fascinator Throe!  The world’s first premium waterproof sex surface protects your bedding and furniture without interrupting your sexual spontaneity. A moisture-proof barrier keeps all fluids from leaking through-throughly tested by a team of squirters and gushers. So, no one sleeps in the wet spot! Fascinator Shag Throe is specially lined to slurp up your love juices, lotions and leftovers. So watch out, all you Italian leather sofas and dry-clean only duvets…here comes lovin’. One side is plush faux fur, the other is silky satin. Toss it on top of sheets, sofas and fancy home furnishings that you want to shield from your throes of passion. Fancy a shag?

Check out our selection of Liberators in our online store! More in stock at The Sexploratorium’s South Philly location!

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