2011 Semester: PASSION 101 Classes

The start of a new year is always the time for resolutions, setting new goals, and making this year better than the last. Some people make resolutions to lose weight. Others make quitting smoking a goal. But at the Sexploratorium, we’d like to suggest that a great resolution would be to improve your sex life in 2011! And we can help you make that happen with our amazing products, helpful salespeople, and PASSION 101 Classes!

We bring in presenters from near and far to talk about and teach sex-positive topics such as:

  • General sexuality (pleasing a man, pleasing a woman, anal sex, safer sex, etc.)
  • Sexual and whole-body wellness (sexual health, massage, talking to your doctor or family about sexuality, etc.)
  • Spiritual sexuality (Tantra, spiritual BDSM, etc.)
  • BDSM (spanking, bondage, edgeplay, roleplay, etc.)
  • Other fetish and fantasy topics
  • LGBTQ topics
  • Relationships (polyamory, swinging, negotiation, etc.)

January is shaping up to be an INCREDIBLE month for classes, and we have a feeling that it won’t end there! Just in January, we’re offering TWELVE classes on various aspects of BDSM, including ten classes from Tennessee lifestyle player Ki. We’re starting off with a bang with two of our most popular classes – “Blow HIS Mind” and “Blow HER Mind” with Juicy Justine!

Our highly experienced presenters come from a wide variety of backgrounds, from PhD-wielding sex educators and medical professionals to Pro Dommes and porn stars. They come to class bearing information that is always presented in a fun, sex-positive fashion all from the comfort of a safe and open-minded environment.

Unless otherwise noted, all Passion 101 workshops cost just $15-20 in advance, or $25-30 the day of the workshop. Our affiliates and customers who are students will receive the discounted rate. All classes take place in the Aphrodite Gallery on the third floor of the Sexploratorium. Advance registration is required as space is limited, and student minimums must be met before visiting presenters can be confirmed. Your feedback is important: Turn in your scorecard at the end of class, and receive 10% off anything you purchase from Sexploratorium at that time (affiliates receive 20% off a single item). Help us improve our educational offerings!

Reserve your spot by stopping by the Sexploratorium any time Noon-10PM seven days a week, calling the store at 215-923-1398, or visiting our website’s Passion 101 Class section. Check our Facebook page, Twitter page, FetLife page or PASSION 101 Classes blog for more information about upcoming courses.

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