A beautiful duet.

As my partners have aged I have kept a stash of cock rings near my bedside – just in case a cock became fickle. The Duet elastomer vibrating ring is my newest addition and one that truly stands out. This is a ‘partner’s ring’ that is capable of producing heightened sensations simultaneously for a  couple (heterosexual, in this case).

Because my partner has unusually large testicles he was only able to use it at the base of his cock, not around his balls. More pleasure for me, although we positioned one vibrating end so it would rest on his testicles. I still have the memory of my partner’s expression as he witnessed my body’s response. I exploded almost instantaneously into a wave of intense pleasure.
As my body has aged the sensitivity of my clit has changed. This accessory made me realize my sweet spot has actually expanded. The ring hit a location about an inch below the nub of my clit – new hot spot for me, while the other end played with my pucker – i n t e n s e! Keep a cloth nearby to wipe your hands, slippery fingers covered with lube make it difficult to switch on or off.

The Duet gets "dual thumbs up" for fabulous sex over fifty!


My partner offered to add his thoughts on this product:

Mid-50’s and maintaining erections can be difficult. There are drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, but there are people who can’t take them. The Duet elastomer vib cock ring is a wonderful addition to the ranks of sexual accessories. It fits snugly but comfortably, and it helps maintain a healthy erection. The most wonderful thing about it, though, is the two mini vibrators at both ends; think of them as testicles with attitude. Their vibration allows for stimulation for the woman that gives her great pleasure even if you are unable to maintain an erection for a long time. They are adjustable, so they can be arranged to rub against a woman’s most sensitive spots, and we know that different women have different spots in different places. I would give this device a hearty endorsement and an “A+” rating. It really helps a man pleasure his (female) partner, and isn’t that what this sex thing is supposed to be about anyway?

Susana- Susana runs Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon and other sexy events around town!

Another Duet Enthusiast- Reviewed by Jules G.

I must admit I am a skeptic when it comes to vibrators with clit stimulators. Or just clit stimulators in general.

Supposedly I’m on of the lucky 30% that has such a sensitive clit that even the most gentle vibrator feels like a power sander. Not the case with the Duet.

I picked it up on my boyfriends request, odd considering that I am the intended benefactor with this toy. That is not entirely the case. My boyfriend was pleased with the gentle vibrating sensation, which brought him closer to orgasm more quickly than normal. And of course, holding off for a moment, resuming, then stepping back again leads to a greater, more cosmic orgasm. I can attest to that!

As for me: the duet offers two features for the clitoral stimulator. Constant vibrating or vibrating only when pressure is placed on the attachment. We tried it both ways. Initially opting for the buzz only with the deep thrusts, what a great tease!  Greedy me, I chose to switch it on permanently. Other side of the ring features a constantly vibrating perianum stimulator. Wonderful. Shape is that of a rectangular pyramid, smaller nubbies graduating to longer and longer at the apex. I only wish they would have applied that logic to the clit stimulator. The toy was quiet enough, didn’t interrupt the moment in the least.

My only real concern was that too much lube causes the ring to rotate during very powerful thrusts, perhaps they should take into consideration that the base of the penis isn’t entirely round and create a cradle to help keep it in place. It works quite nicely when penetrated from behind, granted that you rotate the ring around so that the clit stimulator is on the bottom, and the other up top.

When asked about the product immediately after sex my guy could only smile and give it “two thumps up”.

I couldn’t agree more.

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