The Pocket Queen Gives The Royal Treatment

There are dozens of mini vibes and discreet vibes on the market. So many, it’ll make your head spin! However, one of the biggest drawbacks to mini vibes are the batteries. Most non-rechargeable mini vibes, especially bullet-style vibes, require up to four  watch batteries which can be expensive and tough to find in other stores (though Sexploratorium always has them in stock). The Pocket Queen is different!

The Pocket Queen is available in hot pink, white, and lavender!

The Pocket Queen fits in the palm of your hand and has an egg-shaped tip with a silver base. The push button for the single-speed vibrator is on the bottom of the base. The tip is a soft, slightly squishy phthalate-free material and available in one of three colors (hot pink, lavender, and white). For a mini vibe this small, the shape and power are remarkable.

The egg-shaped tip is great for clitoral stimulation, but is also a great external stimulator for anal play. Since it lacks a flared base, it should not be inserted anally, but is a great way to tease the back door as foreplay for anal sex. The shape of the tip lends itself very nicely to the shape of the anus, and the vibration is a great intensity level for those sensitive nerves. Clitorally, the vibration feels intense and shallow, not a deep or thuddy vibration, though some might like it to be more of a percussive sensation than it is. It also feels tantalizing for male genitalia, especially the perineum, as well as nipples or other sensitive spots. The vibrator is relatively quiet for an inexpensive mini vibe, just about the same volume as a cell phone vibration. The supple material of the tip is great for those who want their toy to come with a little cushion or who might not like pressure along with their vibration. The toy almost seems to whisper along the skin, as it’s not as rigid as materials like acrylic or glass might be.

One of the coolest things about the Pocket Queen, however, would have to be the convenience of the batteries. Sorry, I should just say “battery”, singular. The Queen requires only ONE battery, and a readily-available AAA at that! No more having to go to three stores to buy special watch batteries (though, again, we do carry them at Sexploratorium). You, too, can practice the time-honored tradition of stealing your TV remote’s batteries for your vibrator! All joking aside, most of us have AAA batteries lurking around our houses somewhere, and that convenience factor (in addition to its standout design) makes this mini better than so many that are out there!

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