Bullring Ball Stretcher by OxBalls

Bullring Ball Stretcher by OxBalls

I went crazy when I found out  Sexploratorium was adding Oxballs to their men’s selections, and was especially glad to see they had the Bullring ball stretcher – it’s a winner! This is one you need to feel for yourself to know just how good it feels!

Whether you’re interested in some basic ball play or into serious stretching, this comfortable, flexible stretcher is one I’m happy to have in my toy bag.  Bullring stretchers are made from new super stretchy SKINFLEX silicone – comfortable to wear for longer periods or to help maintain a stretch after more serious ball play… and even more fun when combined with one of Oxball’s combo cock ring/butt plugs like the Squirm .

In general, Oxball’s products have an incredible feel with lots of stretch and once on the silicone takes on the feel of warm flesh – like a nice WARM HAND around your nuts. Unlike some other brands of cockrings and stretchers made of neoprene or other flexible materials, you can use ANY lube you want, even grease, Crisco or motor oil! You with virtually no pinching or hair grabbing, you can wear the Bullring all day, and before you know it, it will feel like it is a part of you.

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