Featured Products: Toybag Guides!

You’re almost ready for the marvelous medical mayhem of Diabolique but you want to brush up on your skills as a devious doctor or nasty nurse? Need a handy guide in case questions come up? Or maybe it’s your first fetish ball and you need a quick way to learn the ins and outs of kinky roleplays? Toybag Guides are great for anybody interested in BDSM, fetish, or kink – from beginners to seasoned kinksters, these guides have helpful tips and tricks for everyone!


For Diabolique Ball, the Toybag Guide to Medical Play will help you explore the basics of bringing medical fantasies to life. Written by a kinkster who has also been a healthcare practitioner for over two decades, this guide will provide you with:

“Guidelines and ideas for anyone attuned to roleplaying as a doctor, nurse or patient. Here’s how to set the scene with equipment and props, some basic ideas for medical “exams” and “treatments,” and important techniques for keeping your space, equipment and play safe and hygienic.” (via the publisher)

There are nearly a dozen other books in the series, with volumes on every topic from Erotic Knifeplay to Waxplay. There’s even a Toybag Guide for dungeon emergencies and safety, a volume we recommend to customers who are both novices and experienced. Each book is like a full day’s workshop in a little 4″x6″ book that fits into any toybag! Written by respected BDSM/fetish authors like Jay Wiseman, Midori, Lee Harrington, and MORE! Best part? You get all this for under under $10 a book!

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