Featured Product of the Week: Astrea Vibrating Panties!

Looking to spice up your next date night? Or, better yet, want to make Diabolique Ball even more memorable? The Astrea I and II remote-controlled vibrating panties from The Berman Center are the way to go! With a contoured and compact yet intense mini vibrator and the remote control placed in the hands of someone with devious intentions, these panties can make your night one of the hottest you’ve ever had!


Astrea I Remote-Controlled Vibrating Lace Briefs


The remote works from 12′ away, even through walls and bodies. You read it right, TWELVE FEET!! We’ve even demonstrated the remote’s power in our store, having one person hold the vibrator in one room and having another person hold the remote in another room. Even with the test subject’s backs to each other and walls separating them, the remote still triggers the vibrator!

Since many ladies’ panties have a small pocket in the crotch, the vibrator can slip into almost any of those lacy or silky delicates you have languishing in your lingerie drawer! Or they can slip into a pair of manly briefs as well, making this toy great for every body! Whichever kind of unmentionables you prefer, the Astrea panties also come with black lace panties. The Astrea I is a bikini brief style and the Astrea II is a sexy thong. Either style comes complete with batteries (2-AAA and one remote battery) and our 90 day warranty.

These awesome panties were even featured with comedic effect in a popular Hollywood movie! Though they used a remote that looks and operates a lot different from the real product, you might remember the packaging from the film ‘The Ugly Truth’ with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler! We often have customers in our store who have seen the film and recognize the box. Some of the best product placement we’ve ever seen! You, too, can have the most stimulating night out on the town that you’ve ever had!


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