Get It On DOGGY or PIGGY Style This Halloween!

Normally, we feature hand-selected products just once a week on our blog, but this week is special! It’s HALLOWEEN! Just in time for the kinkiest holiday of the year, we got in a shipment of rubber dog and pig hoods, as well as paws! Imagine our delight this morning as we started off the day trying on these HOT hoods and paws!


Pervy Piggy

Horny Hellhound

Paws for Pets

Raunchy Rottweiler

Each hood is made by hand out of 100% pure latex. A 15-coat process and rubber that is 1/16 inch (1.5 mm) thick ensures strength and durability. Extra layers of rubber are used in the zipper, hair flap, and neck to give added strength and a snug, but comfortable, fit. Paws are designed for your hands. When worn, you will be walking on your rolled up fist.

Pictured are the styles we currently have in stock, as these pieces were custom-ordered and handmade just for us! We are able to get other breeds, colorings, and styles just for you! Unfortunately, we can’t order them by Halloween, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear them year-round, we’re sure! The designer offers everything from Chihuahuas to Kitties, as well as 3/4 masks, so there are plenty of choices!!

Come on by and try one on!

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