This week’s Featured Product: LUSTY LIQUID LATEX!

Totally stumped as to what to wear for Halloween? Love that “barely there” feeling? OR are you into gore? Liquid latex is the perfect product to accomplish either (or both) of those costume goals!

Painted directly on your skin, liquid latex can feel like a second skin. You can paint on an awesome superhero costume, bikini, or anything else you can dream up…and it will be literally “skin tight”! And half the fun is in removing it! Think about it: having your partner remove your costume with their teeth to get at your sexy naked flesh underneath? Yes, please!

Check out the video we’ve been showing in-store, with brilliant tips and tricks to paint on a costume!


Prefer to be horrifyingly gory? Liquid latex is also a great material for Special FX makeup, to create scar tissue and rotting flesh! It’s a MUST HAVE for zombies! Paired with our contacts, you’ll really turn this Halloween into a Thriller!


Sexploratorium Staffer Paula using liquid latex for that "not-so-fresh from the grave" look!


Our zombie staffer, Paula, is even wearing contact lenses that are available in our Boutique! Click here for more information!

Buy your liquid latex online or stop by the store!

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