OxBalls Hog Nips SUCK in the best way!!

Review by cnankivell

If you’re serious about nipple play or just like the look/feel of large, sensitive, extended nipples, OxBall’s HOG NIPS are the newest, coolest toy to add to your arsenal!

These brand new silicone nipple suckers are some of the most heavy-duty nipple toys around – at 2 inches deep and 1 1/2 inches across, and weigh in at just over 3 ounces each. When these suckers are squeezed and popped onto your tits, they’ll stay put and suck on your nipples for as long as you want. For someone like me who really gets into nipple play, the feeling of the suction alone might just get you off.

Use any kind of lube with them to enhance the suction and overall sensitivity of your nipple play. They are big enough to fit over even larger nipple piercings, and because they are pure silicone they’ll be able to stand up to your heaviest play, and they won’t crack or lose their flexibility like cheap snakebite kits. To get a good strong suction going, you can use any kind of lube or even spit… squeeze one of the cups and push it firmly onto your nipple and then slowly release the grip. When you’re finished with them, just throw them in your dishwasher for easy clean-up.

If you love nipple play and already have a few different suction devices you like, you’ll definitely want to add these Hog Nip to your collection and feel the difference from all the run-of-the-mill nipple suction toys. If size is what you’re after, Hog Nips will have you on your way to grow yours as large as humanly possible.

If you’re new to nipple play, you should know that your nips will be temporarily bigger, longer, fatter. Start off with 5 or 10 minutes, take ‘em off, and play with your new, more-sensitive nips and you’ll be hooked for life.

If you are planning on wearing them for really long periods… like say, 2 hours or more…. it’s best to ease into that with 15 to 20 minute intervals, so as not to get water blisters on your nipples, as these do create a strong suction.

Hog Nips are 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide and you get a set of two.

Available in our store or on our website!

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