Featured Item Of The Week

The Sexploratorium is proud to announce a new feature on our blog: a weekly Featured Item! These will be items that are new, exciting, on special, or staff favorites that we’d really like you to check out!

This week’s featured item: the Lelo Siri!


SIRI is the newest pleasure object from one of our favorite toymakers, Lelo! Perfect for clitoral stimulation with its small size and silicone-tipped end, the SIRI is also strong enough for all-over body massage! A deep, penetrating vibration is possible from a newer and more efficient motor. An intelligent microprocessor allows a very customizable sexperience, with six different stimulation modes and a wide range of intensities. The combinations between stimulation and intensity are pretty much endless, thanks to a four-way control. Nearly silent and totally rechargeable, this toy also comes with an unheard-of TEN YEAR GUARANTEE! The price is pretty sweet too, at under $100! Never having to buy batteries again AND a great vibe AND a guarantee? Mmmm…sounds good, doesn’t it?

See you soon!

The Crew at Sexploratorium

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