I Vibe, You Vibe, We All Scream for We-Vibe!


Now available in three colors: Teal, Purple, and Ruby



The We-Vibe 2 is a brilliant idea: a vibrator that simultaneously stimulates both the clitoris and the G-Spot, and can be used during penetrative sex as well, due to its slimmer-shaped insert-able side. It’s made of non-porous and durable silicone and is fully rechargeable. It also has multiple settings, including a few pulse options, and works while it’s plugged into the charger, which was a pleasant surprise! It didn’t lose power over course of the two-plus hours that it was used nearly continuously.


The we-vibe was created for (primarily heterosexual) partner sex. But its magic extends well beyond the missionary position!


In the course of my experimentation, I found that the We-Vibe really has so many more applications than it was originally designed for. The hands-free nature of the toy makes it useful for so many things. It can maintain stimulation while the wearer’s hands are doing other things, like stimulating a partner during oral sex or being restrained in bondage. It can be “clipped” around a man’s package to enhance oral sex or handjobs and stays put on its own. Even during penetrative intercourse, it can be used in a variety of positions with varying stimulation to the penetrating partner and penetrated partner alike. For example, during doggy-style sex, the section that is positioned over a woman’s G-Spot also stimulates a man’s penis right at the frenum (the part on the underside of the penis where the head connects to the shaft, where nerves are densely packed). Many men find this to be one of the sweetest spots to stimulate. It can even be worn under a strap-on, and the pressure from the strap-on added to the vibration is very nice! There are so many possibilities for this toy that just trying different things is half the fun!

I found that the vibration was unlike any other I had experienced from a toy in the past. The designer describes it as “Harmonic Throbbing” – a vibration that seems to hum and throb rather than vibrate like your average toy. It’s hard to explain, but the best way I can think of is to bring to mind a swarm of vibrators, not unlike a swarm of bees. The vibration is a bunch of different kinds – high and intense to deep and throbby – all buzzing together.

However, this toy was not a “surefire orgasm” for me. It feels great and definitely enhances sensation, but it didn’t make me orgasm completely on its own. The vibration is a more spread out sensation, and the highest setting didn’t feel particularly high to me, so for women like me who need a strong localized vibration, it might not drive them over the edge. It had more of a thudding, throbbing vibration than a high buzzing vibration. Personally, a percussive sort of sensation on the G-Spot is needed for me to reach orgasm and while a penetrative partner is thrusting, the We-Vibe prevented my G-Spot from being directly hit by my partner. Girl-on-top sex also seemed a bit tricky to me, as the toy felt like it may come out, although it never did, probably because of the ridges built into each side of the toy to make them stay in place better.
But the We-Vibe did provide constant stimulation throughout an entire session, and it kept me turned on the entire time and primed me for a really powerful orgasm, without having to constantly be stimulated by my partner.

All in all, the We-Vibe was a lot of fun!


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