The Squirm by OxBalls REALLY Earns Its Name!

The Squirm Silicone Butt Plug/Cock Ring Combo by OxBalls

OxBall’s new, ultra-comfortable combo ass-plug/cockring rubs you in all the right ways. The 100% silicone toy is engineered to make you squirm – the cockring gently tugging on your cock & balls while the plug remains firmly in your anus and the two ends work together to create an amazing combination of sensations. Having the strip that connects the two between your legs makes for added fun when you sit down — pushing the plug a little further into your hole and putting just a bit of pressure on that soft spot just beneath your balls.

Since these are 100% silicone, they’re indestructible and you can use whatever lube you’d like. Silicone lube keeps the plug smoothly fucking your butt and prevents the cockring from ever grabbing any hairs. When you’re done with it you can even throw it into your dishwasher for quick clean-up.

The Squirm Plug is 4 3/4″ around at the widest part and just 4 1/2″ at the ‘stem’. 1 7/8″ cockring.

This combo cockring/buttplug feels as hot as it looks. It took a minute get the plug in place, but once it was in it felt terrific – especially when sitting down. That little tab hits the perfect spot between my asshole and balls. Sitting and fidgeting around with this gem in place really delivers some amazing sensations! It’s the perfect thing to wear under your suite to the office or out to the bar… and imagine how cool it would be to wear on a long trip!

The plug is a good size to stay put when you’re walking or moving around, which can be a problem with other plugs. That the plug is attached to the cockring is cool since the two items together enhance the feelings you would get from separate plug and cockring. I will say that the addition of “the probe” is a big part of why this toy has the perfect name: the Squirm.

The plug is not too big and is very comfortable once inserted. The Squirm’s plug is flexible and pliable, warms quickly, is curved gently towards the prostate, and pulls on all the right areas. The slightly wider head makes getting it in fun while the smooth ridges mimic the feeling of veining very well. WOOF!

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to stop thinking about the feeling. It’s even comfortable enough to wear long-term and I’ve enjoyed making my partner wear it under his work clothes for a day at the office. After trying this innovative product and some of OxBall’s other items like the Bullring stretcher and Hog Nips, you can be sure I’ll be adding other Oxballs toys to my collection! Keep the new stuff comin’ Sexploratorium!

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