G-Spot target: Rock Chick vs Ultime

The Blind Taste Test
When I was bent over my friend’s kitchen table in Philadelphia I must admit it was a bit hard to tell the difference between the two toys….at first. I decided that the obvious way to begin comparing two such similar type toys was a blind “taste test”. I noticed right away that both toys went right for the spot that most other toys neglect, and the directed attention to my swiftly swelling g-spot was a welcome change.   Soon I began to realize that the one that shifted position off of my throbbing prostate was the rock chick, which has a much lessened change in insertion even though my partner, in this case a very adept male top, jerked at the purple silicone with full force. It was my first penetration play with this partner and both of these toys simplified the process of him finding the right place to make me drip. Because the rock chick is more flexible the finger grip side leading to the vibrating bullet can withstand more angles and more in-out movement without losing its place, but this also means that it takes some more effort and thought to vary stimulation.  The angle of the hard plastic of the Natural Contour, on the other hand, is fixed so it’s you that needs to flex around it, which can be dynamite if the contour works with your body, but it lacks texture on the outside shaft to rub against your clit– something that the rock chick provides in spades.  If its pressure that you want, the contour bears down on your gspot like nobody’s business, but unlike the hooked rock chick it doesn’t grab on as you maneuver it causing it to slip in and out as juices and energies rise.

Rock Chick Solo

The soft silcone Rock Chick features a removable waterproof bullet that vibrates where you need it most

Using the rock chick like a joy stick comes naturally- the button on the top, the finger grips and the flexible point make it possible to jock and crank the toy around as you try to find the rhythm and the groove of this session’s wank.  However the uses for this toy extend far beyond a pivoting joystick, or even that old in-out-in-out.  By letting the hook get caught at your sweet spot you leave a textured, ribbed, vibrating toy for your external stimulation and operation, giving a whole new meaning to the term “intelligent design”.  After wrestling with it for a minute, letting tensions build, without too much effort you can actually get the rock chick to balance hooked around your g-spot and burrowed into your clit (hood piercing comes in handy, but is not necessary!)  This synchronizes the rocking motion of your hips with the speed of the vibe and provides you with a lovely ramp to rub your hand up and down to amp up the toy’s speed, or you can return to the finger grips and jerk it off as you would a cock!  This amazing intuitive circuit formed balancing the gspot with the clit makes this toy a definite solo win!

The Ultime Solo

The Ultime vibrator by Natural Contours is a smooth plastic toy with a built in motor that ranges in intensity from very mild to buzzier

There is no clear grip on the natural contour, which pretty much leaves only a few uses of the toy for solo fun that aren’t too awkward to keep your groove going. The different speeds of the toy at first get your juicy motor running and provide an excellent warm up on your outer and inner pleasure buttons, but once I passed top speed I found myself wondering if it would ever get me off.  On its own the answer was no, but the right answer turned out to be a combination of the contour and my hand-held vibrator which lent the extra vibe power to the contour hitting me in all the right spots…spots that hand-held vibes like the Hitachi miss regardless of  attachments made specifically for them 😉

Comparison and Contrast
When you break it down, the Natural contour is much better for use on another person.  Its rigid form allows you to have a good sense what beautiful swollen mound you are pushing against, and you can even feel it rattle against the pubic bone.  This makes it an excellent toy, fully capable of making up for its mild vibe speed with the elbow grease of a partner.  The design and flexibility of the rock chick make it an excellent solo toy that easily shifts and contorts to the various differing anatomies of different female bodies (and lends itself really well to anal and male prostate use too!)  The vibe is strongest where the clit is, and the finger grips when used as outer stimulation do a much better job than you could on your own with the same amount of physical effort rubbing your hands between your legs.  Both of these toys take some getting used to figure them out, the different ways you can use them and how best you like to prioritize gspot stimulation over clitoral.

The rock chick could do well with a slightly wider hook/insertable end like the natural contour, but it does focus more vibe on the clit which brings a more enjoyably orchestrated solo session.  The natural contour is a better partner’s toy because unlike the rock chick which reduces the force of thrust by distributing it along its flexible shaft, the contour gives the user feedback about where it is and how much pressure is actually being felt by the receiver. The rock chick is more versatile, and even comes with a link to a website with several helpful suggestions, and a removable bullet for more pointed attention J And both work MIRACLES when added to the hitachi or acuvibe, position your new toy and you are off for a dual-targeted space launch.

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