Valentine’s gift kits for him & her

Looking for some simple pleasure this Valentines? Sexploratorium has pre-packaged some gifts kits so you don’t have to stress out about gift (or pleasure) giving.  Call us up, to reserve your gift kit today 215-923-1398 as we only have limited quantity of these items.

LOCKED & LOADED (CBT) Gift Set $49.99

$70 worth of entertaing props for an evening of male genital play

Go from free-balling to locked n’ loaded with this Cock & Ball Torment (CBT) Gift Set,  for just $49.99. This is the perfect starter gift set for any guy who’s shown interest in giving over control of the family jewels to his partner. CBT is about tease and denial and prolonging the orgasm and ejaculation, this set will allow beginners to get acquainted with their genitals in a new fashion and provide new sensations. Complete with Double “O” Cock Ring, Latigo (Leather) Cock Cord, Rubber Cock Ring, Bungee Whip and Penis Punisher Mini-Slapper. This gift set will provide hours of CBT Play!

SLOWLY BUTT SURELY – Beginner’s Butt Play Gift Set $69.99

A complete starter kit for those interested in exploring the planet of Uranus. Includes leather unisex plug harness.

Have you had thoughts of hitch-hiking down the Hershey Highway? Just not sure if your thumb’ll do the job? Now you can “ease” on down the road with Sexploratorium’s Slowly Butt Surely -Beginner’s Butt Play Gift Set, valued at $69.99. All anal/butt play for beginner’s requires patience and taking your time, as a beginner you want to be open to the experience and relaxed and we highly recommend finger massage to prep the anus. This beginner set comes with Tantus’ Slim Silicone Plug, Unisex butt-plug harness (size s/m can be swapped)  Gun Oil’s H2O water-based lube and a Silicone X-10 Glider Probe for the excited and eager beginner once you’re ready to graduate. $100 of anal toys for just $69.99

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down – Beginner’s Bondage/Restraint Gift Set $89.99
Taste a variety of bondage and discipline implements to liven things up this Valentine’s for you and that special someone. Get cuffed, bound, blinded-folded and reprimanded with our Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down Gift Set, sure to provide endless hours of fun for the inner submissive or Dom/me in all of us.  For just $89.99 this gift set can be purchased, by you for you, or, by you for him/her…depending on which position you want to take.
Sexy sensations kit $89.99

Heat, percussion, prickles, silk and fur are the special items on the menu this Valentines'

Indulge in a bounty of sexy sensations with this sampling of all there is to feel. The 4′ long silk scarf doubles as a blindfold, gag (when knotted in the middle) or restraint. Start the night with some playful bondage and discipline using the scarf, the spanking mitt and the slapper, then follow it with a sensory awakening experience using the furry/prickly side of the mitt and the medical pin wheel.  Sire Blue’s BDSM candles are hot when held close to the skin but if you hold them from a distance, the wax has time to cool. The special volcano candle burns hotter as it goes down so that the heat is still felt through layers of wax.  $110 in merchandise for $89.99 when you buy the kit.

Her first sex toy kit.$49.99

The perfect kit for your single girl-buddy who is too shy to buy her own sex toys.

Do you have a friend who is to shy to buy her own toys but probably could benefit from stimulating her pleasure zones? If so , this kit will send her down the road to ecstasy with a guidebook to help her find it. Includes $85 in merchandise: waterproof vibrating bullet (not shown) Ann Hoopers Sex Toys, an Orchid G-Spot vibrator, Anti-bacterial toy cleaner and Sliqid Silk lubricant that will all fit nicely into one of our satin gift bags. The perfect gift from the friend who cares about a friend’s ability to find pleasure.

Fantasy Liquid Latex Kit $49.99

Your imagination and creativity can run free with the 4 different colors  in this Fantasy Fun Kit to create your own artistic piece of work. For just $49.99 you get over $70 in product. Each Fantasy Fun kit includes: (4)  color jars of Liquid Latex Body Paint (1) 3″ Foam Brushes. Liquid Latex Fashions exclusive Body Prep/Clean/Finish Kit Instruction Booklet.

Glass Glider Kit $49.99

The glass glider kit has everything you need for an internal and external massage

This kit will get you relaxed and ready for an exiting exploration of Uranus- and the rest of your body. Start the evening with a full body massage using the massage oil by Intimate Organics and using the heart shaped end of the glass massager, then lube up the back door for easy and pleasurable entrance.  Save $7 when you buy the entire kit.

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