The “Goody” Harness is better than good!

This was my first harness purchase, and it may be my last, because this is a great harness for either a beginner or a seasoned expert in strap-on sex.

The leather is really comfortable and durable. It barely ever slides around during sex. It is very adjustable, fitting nearly any waist size or leg size. It feels very sleek, sexy, and flattering. It has the same aesthetic as some bikini-style harnesses, with the added security of the leg straps. It isn’t bulky like a lot of jock-style harnesses; the straps are very thing while still being secure.

I was worried about the thin straps digging during sex, but the leather is really soft and the buckles are small enough that digging doesn’t really happen. I love how lightweight it is, it slips really easily into a small pouch or underwear drawer without being too obvious, and taking it off or putting it on is not a huge production number thanks to a “secret snap” that allows you to remove it easily then step back into it without having to adjust and readjust the straps.

It’s really easy to clean, usually I just use a lexol wipe or a baby wipe and I’m good to go.

It does not have a hole behind the cock ring, which is nice because I don’t have to worry about the back of the dildo rubbing up against my skin or hair. However, I can still feel vibrations from dildos that vibrate. The pad is removable if I decide I want to strap in a double-ended dildo like the feeldoe. I have had no problem adjusting the height of the cock ring when I have to switch from anal sex to vaginal sex; this harness works fantastically for both. I also love how I can switch out different size cock rings depending on what I’m using. I use a large range of toy sizes, and it works well with all of them.

This is a sexy harness, and a great addition to anyone’s toybag!

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