Neo Nexus Prostate Massager

The Nexus Prostate Massager series may be a little deceiving at first. You may look at it like my boyfriend did and say, “How is that supposed to be pleasurable with its weird texture and shape” but those are actually the best parts.

Made of Phthalate free plastic with a satin finish that holds silicone lubricant very well, the Neo is solid and holds its shape which is exactly what you need in a prostate toy.

The Neo is shaped kind of like Nerds, the candy, with an elongated “S” shape attached to the bottom. The part of the “s” that faces the body has a free spinning metal ball in the end that massages the perineum and the other end that faces out is the handle used for insertion and removal. The handle can also be used to adjust the position of the toy but should not be used to try to manually massage because you don’t want to risk injuring the prostate gland. Instead, this toy is best used hands free!

Insert toy (slowly and with lots of lube!) and then clench and release your muscles to whatever rhythm you like and tadah, orgasm! The hands free factor makes this a great toy to use while participating in other activities, by yourself or with others. The metal ball can be removed for cleaning with the little tool that comes with the toy. This toy can be sanitized easily.

So the man that was so put off by the appearance of this toy very soon decided it was his favorite toy in the box. Actually as soon as it was inserted he was off to a great start, he didn’t even wait for me to get the rest of my clothes off and join him.


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