Love Connection: Our Valentine’s Gift Guide

Getting connected and staying connected is a key to lasting love. This Valentines’ cupid is shooting arrows to pierce the core of any person ready for sexual healing. Connection is this year’s Valentine’s theme at Sexploratorium, and we have created a guide to get you connected to yourself, your fantasies and/or your loved ones.

Single on Valentines?
Valentine’s provides the perfect opportunity to love yourself, and we have special recommendations for unforgettable solo dates!

Single male bodies: Connect to your prostate! This is “forbidden territory” to certain males (especially of a certain age) but thanks to the medical benefits associated with prostate massage, many people are experiencing the internal or combined orgasmic sensations without (or in some cases with) guilt.

The Sexploratorium features an entire room of sexuality products especially for men and male body parts, the Aneros is just the beginning…

Originally designed as a medical tool for prostate massage, male patients discovered full-bodied orgasmic sensations they hadn't allowed themselves to experience before!

Single Female Bodies: Connect to yourself  long-term with LELO!

There are few guarantees in life, but LELO, a swedish manufacturer of high-end sexuality tools, just extended their awesome 1- year warranty into a limited 10 year warranty! If you choose, you can special order the luxe models for upwards of $3,000.00 (hurry, it takes two weeks to get these). Or you can buy several quiet, strong, ergonomically designed models that fit snugly where you put them for $85-$150.00 These toys put out with barely any telltale buzzing, and best of all, their internal battery is rechargeable so you don’t have to buy or change batteries. Just plug it in to recharge and you have a steady date for 10 years!

The brand new Ina model provides dual-action (clitoral/internal) with no noise and no batteries.

For CouplesGet connected to each other.

New Relationship?
If you aren’t quite sure what your new love interest might be interested in, a shopping trip to Sexploratorium is in order. A gift card (available for any amount) is a great place to start, and a live tour of the three levels of action to be had at 620 S. 5th St. allows plenty to converse about (and negotiate).

Continue your education. No matter where you are in your relationship, check out the schedule of PASSION 101 classes that are scheduled each week at the Sexploratorium. Pick a class or two, and take it, or if you are more private about your interests, schedule an offsite presentation with one of our teachers.

Vibrate together.
Vibrators aren’t just for women anymore. With a variety of  vibrating toys like cockrings designed to be worn during sex and enjoyed by all parties that come into contact with the buzzing magic that make these motors lovable.

The We-vibe was designed to be worn by a woman during intercourse for mutual stimulation.

Bondage is a fun way to strengthen trust (and access some of the sweetest parts of the body), and Valentine’s is the perfect time to form a trusting connection. Whether silk scarves, soft treated rope or leather restraints are your tool of choice, don’t pass up this seasonal opportunity to be “bound by love”.

Just enough soft, treated hemp rope to lasso your love.

Grab a guidebook or a video to “show you the ropes” at Sexploratorium

Silk bondage scarves are soft, non-stretchy and strong

Strap on toys are a perfect method to keep any two bodies connected and close.
The proper harness to “strap” your toy to you is also a key ingredient to aiming your arrow and hitting your target. Using the proper toy/harness combo any two people can penetrate each other in turns or simultaneously (or in  more than one place at a time).

This is our favorite photo of our favorite family of toys.
Our favorite photo of our favorite family of toys that were designed to use without a harness- your body is the harness.
The unbeatable lifetime guarantee makes a long-term relationship with these toys stress-free. The new lifelike soft "skin" layer will keep you coming for more.

Vixen's lifetime guarantee, with the feel of their new "skin" can only bring more love to your equation.

The new Spare Parts harness is the most durable and comfortable style
Play together, stay together. What better Valentine’s treat than to spend a day in role? With a few choice accessories, you can enjoy any of a thousand adventures close to home.

Locking wrist cuffs that combine form with function at pretty to playtime

Whether French maid, French poodle, or French kissing is your game,
put yourself in the mood with the proper sex-cessories.

Take a walk on the wild side this Valentine’s. A leash will prevent straying.

Male Couples: Connect at the Docking Station

Pumps, slings, and other delights are waiting for you in our male room, but if you haven’t tried suction, get the piston-style pump and play together in the bathtub where water and suction combine for a wet suction that will leave you sensitized in a whole new way.

The Docking Station allows two males to share a suction cylinder

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