Hegar Sounds – New Sounds of Pleasure

Hegar Double-Ended Sound Kit$49.99 from the Sexploratorium at PASSIONAL Toys
Reviewed by Emily Hart

Sounding is strangely taboo. While vaginal sex is old news and anal’s
lost its shock value, sounding is still something exotic and weird. This
is exactly what draws me to it… it is ultimately just another way to
penetrate the complex body of nerves that snake through my nether regions.

The first thing that you need to know about sounding is that hygiene is
incredibly important. As a society, we think often about disease being
passed from person, but when stuff is going in your urethra, you don’t
want bacteria coming from any other part of */your own/* body. This
means (at a minimum) boiling the sounds and whatever you’ll use to move
them around, wiping with alcohol to remove possible debris, and then
using sterile lube, from a new package. And wearing gloves. Take this
seriously, and then you can have a good time. If you like medical play,
the elaborate dance of “sterilization” might even be part of what makes
this sexy for you.

Hegar sounds are curved at the end, since a woman’s urethra is only 2-3
inches. A man’s is 2-3 inches plus the length of the penis, so while he
can use Hegar sounds to great effect, a different kind of sound will
allow for deeper penetration. Sounds should never be pushed or forced
into the body. Rather, the urethra should open under the weight of the
sound, and the lube should allow an easy assisted slide on in.

This set comes with eight sounds which are double-ended, meaning that
each side of the sound has a different diameter. I found the smallest
size of the sixteen (eight sounds X two ends) to be too small… it was
small enough to feel like a scratch. The three largest sounds were
simply too big for me to consider, so I found some other available
places to put them, and will continue to enjoy them as bonus
medical-grade stainless steel anal and vaginal toys. Between the
smallest and three biggest sounds, I found sizes that could comfortably
penetrate my urethra. Rather than thrusting in and out, I found it
pleasurable to tap the sound lightly once it was in place. Some people
enjoy using vibrators in just this way.

What does it feel like? This is the inevitable question, of course. I
think most women are familiar with the feeling of g-spot stimulation,
and know how the urge to urinate can be closely associated with the
desire to orgasm. Sounding, at least for me, actually feels less like I
need to pee, but walks that line between pleasure and urgency. It feels
great to experiment with these sensations while also being stimulated in
another erogenous zone, since sounding is really just another way to
extend the boundaries of your sexual body. I highly recommend
no-pressure urethral experimentation for the curious… do it safely and
you get to find yet another sexy part of yourself!

Get new sounds of pleasure with this bargain kit

Get new sounds of pleasure with this bargain kit

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