A new Super Hero: Pantyboy

w/ Irene Boss,Louise D and “Pantyboy”
Reviewed by the late, great Dr. Goodfoot
For a few pennies more...

For a few pennies more...

When I was a boy I wanted to be Superman.As a teenager I felt that Batman and his abilities might be more attainable.But as an adult,my new hero is Pantyboy.He does all the shit I wish i had the balls to do.Plus I dig his uniform.
Pantyboy is an uber-eager slave who begins his day with his mistress, at the doorstep of Irene Boss, wearing a leash and a pair of flourescent pink thong panties.With PB in tow,she is invited in to join Ms.Boss and Louise D and all three proceed to humiliate and punish our hero for the rest of the day.His exploits include several sound spankings and Lady Boss’ trademark verbal abuses.
Every scene is shot clearly with a minimum of camera trickery.We get to enjoy PB’s ordeal in all its shameful glory.
Irene Boss is wonderful as the seasoned lead dom who coordinates the S/M quartet’s activiities.
This flick hits its peak when the Dom Team force PB to climb onto a large table,put on an oversized pink foam rubber cowboy hat and shake his bruised ass for them.Its fun to watch him try hard to please the ladies using his limited dancing(?) skills.His reward is pocket change (mostly pennies) aimed at his gyrating pink package.
I was enthralled and excited by this em-bare-ass-ing display as I rooted,along with his small group of fans, for my new role model to “shake that moneymaker!!”
Supervillainesses Irene Boss,Louise D and Anastasia use their combined DomPower to burn Pantyboy’s britches and ingnite our libidos.
Down at your feet!
Its a nerd! Its a slave!
Reviewed by Mr. Podo

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