Sexplore… Smart Balls!

by Katie P for PASSIONAL Magazine Winter 2008

I have always been drawn to the fun effects which result from stronger Kegel muscles since who wouldn’t want more powerful orgasms? But, much like going to the gym, I have a hard time keeping up with the exercises regularly. When I saw Fun Factory’s Smart Balls, designed to help you strengthen your Kegel muscles, I had to try them.

Smart Balls, similar to Ben Wa balls, have a weighted ball inside of them which moves and collides against the outer ball when you move. That proved to be the most fun. I have never used Ben Wa balls before, and duly warned by a friend about the potential difficulty of keeping the balls in place during daily activities, I first tried them on briefly at home. I was a bit surprised by the girth of the balls. At just about one inch diameter I actually needed to be a bit aroused and definitely needed a dab of lube (a small packet is handily packaged in with the balls) in order to properly insert. My boyfriend was more than happy to help with that task and we ended up rather distracted for a time.

Fun Factorys Smart Balls are available from the Sexploratorium at

Fun Factory's Smart Balls are available from the Sexploratorium at

Once I was walking around with the Smart Balls I began to feel the movement and frankly, if all exercise was like this I would work out constantly! The balls stayed put without any major conscious effort from me and the inner balls made all sorts of yummy vibrations. Not only that, but I had unwittingly managed to position the upper ball against my G-spot and was getting targeted vibrations with every movement (I admit to “practicing” some belly-dance moves just for fun after a while). Women who are unused to G-spot stimulation, especially at a lower point of arousal, might be taken a bit by surprise.

After about twenty minutes of fooling around I decided to remove the balls and they slid out effortlessly. Though my Kegels weren’t sore or tight, I was distinctly aware of them and was reassured that they had gotten a workout with all my fun.

Later, I decided to ramp up the action and try them along with a butt plug and a longer walk. Overall, I think I missed the entire walk from the best kind of distraction. (My boyfriend had a grand time accompanying me and watching my eyes lose focus over and over again.) The plug though seemed to move the balls to another position and I missed out on the G-spot action this round. By the end of the walk, about thirty minutes total, I was having to take significant conscious action to keep the balls in place and was happy to remove them. My Kegels are clearly not quite up to snuff just yet. The arousal on the other hand….

I would highly recommend the Smart Balls to anyone looking for a Kegel exercise tool, or just looking to have some fun. They also have some great applications for all kinds of private or secret public play.

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