Corsets, Catsuits & Hoods

from the White Box bondacge series
starring Dahlia
produced and directed by (the late, great) Bob Zak
Reviewed by Hannah for PASSIONAL Magazine Winter 2008

Gwen Media, one of the most acclaimed producers of fetish videos
delivers exactly what it promises in the title. With multiple costume
changes, stunning latex bodysuits, binding corsets, back seams and
constricting rubber hoods, the high point of this porn is the fashion
and the way it is used to torment the star, Dahlia. . Dahlia, who is
gorgeous and slightly reminiscent of Betty Page, is the sole actress.
The movie is a series of scenes where she is tied and constricted in
various ways, struggling to get free. She is hog tied and ball gagged on
her stomach, she is bound to an exercise bike in a hot latex body suit
and forced to pedal, she is even locked with a spreader bar between her
ankles and wrists and an inflated latex hood on her head, which
seamlessly flows into the deep-blue second skin of her bodysuit.Corsets,
Cat Suits and Hoods is a lot like old school Betty Page shorts with the
new school twist of latex. My personal favorite scene was when she was
wearing a black and red latex cincher over a catsuit and she was hog
tied on her stomach. If you’re a fan of pin-ups, bondage, and torment,
you will not be disappointed with this title.

A stunning video by Gwen Media

A stunning video by Gwen Media

Additional Comments from (the late, great) Dr. Goodfoot: Im just a simple foot-lovin farmboy from Smellville who dont know from nothin bout no PVC or plastic or rubber.I’m from the “naked is the best disguise”porno philosophy.So how in it that while watching CCH I got the hots for sole performer Dahlia?

Maybe its the way she struggles and strains all bound up in her shiny black catsuit and matching red/black corset.Or how she pitifully whimpers and whines and looks around for help that never arrives while trying to unlock her shackled wrists.
Poor,poor Dahlia.
She has no idea how or why she got into this predicament.Trapped in the antiseptic white walls of the White Box she tugs and tussles at her restraints to no avail.Various hoods and “gas masks” restrict her life’s breath and cause her eyes to bulge behind the glass lenses.As her breathing goes funny so does mine;and im liking it.
Dahlia goes through several changes of fetish-wear:turqoise and black PVC,various hoods (one with a bulb attachment to control her air).My favorite is the see-thru plastic number.Shes completely nude and you can see her sweat pooling in moist pockets inside her transparent prison.
Dahlia’s put through several scenarios,all taking place inside the White Box.
Squirming helplessly on black vinyl sheets.
Kneeling in the corner,ankles spread wide by a metal bar and arms held up in excruciating VV’s.
Smothered by diaphanous fabric,encased in rubber like a shiny black sausage.
Jon White shows all of this hot bondage from every angle with voyeuristic close ups of bound wrists and ankles.Bob Zak expertly directs her desperation as our damsel-in-stress pants and sobs and begs for help.My favorite set-up is at the “White Box Gym”.
At the WBG Dahlias forced to ride a self-running exercise bike,her pink tounge lolling from between her held open mouth as she struggles to keep up the pace.Must be hard in those clunky black platforms.Things get worse when the gas mask is added to the mix to challenge her further.Faster ,Dahlia, faster!
After watching CCH I’m up for watching more of the further adventures of Dahlia or whomever else that producer/director Bob Zak sees fit to invite into the White Box.

Available from the Sexploratorium at PASSIONAL Toys in Philadelphia

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